Always an exciting time welcoming the first births of the season at safari zoo

We excitedly welcomed Ring Tail Lemur babies earlier this week with Mum Pixie giving birth to twins.  Ring tail lemurs are a flagship species at Safari Zoo for raising awareness of the plight of lemurs in Madagascar and the urgent conservation needs.

Zoo-Noo-Borns 4

Classified as Endangered, with their numbers on the decline due to habitat loss, the Bush Meat Industry and the Exotic Pet Trade.

Mum Pixie and her adorable babies can be seen indoors as their carer keeps them inside for a couple of weeks until they are strong enough for their wild existence in the trees of the walk through natural area of the zoo.

“They have the cutest tails”!!

These babies below are from the visit of Safari Zoo Member and Photographer Hollie Gordon during a visit in 2017….the new arrivals are a little camera shy at the moment but we will share the new images with you as soon as we can catch them on camera.

Zoo-Noo-Borns 2
Zoo-Noo-Borns 5