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Yellow-naped Amazon

Fact File

Continent: The Americas
Habitat: Forests, scrubs, savannahs
Weight and Length: 0.5kg, 0.4m

Diet: Herbivore
Incubation: 26 days
Number of Young: 3

Conservation Status: VU


  • Prefer to fly high above the canopy.
  • Move very quietly through trees.
  • Have the ability to copy sounds, even human speech, very clearly, perhaps even understanding context.
  • Tend to call to their flock at dawn and dusk.

Yellow-naped Amazon

Amazona auropalliata

Animals —  Aves (birds) — Psittaciformes (parrots) — Psittacidae (true parrots)

Yellow-naped amazons are a medium species of parrot that is almost entirely green apart from the yellow feathers on the nape of its neck, giving it its name. They also have some reddish feathers in the tail, and some may have very small amounts of extra yellow on the neck and head. There is debate about the “species” status of this bird, with some saying it is instead a subspecies of yellow-crowned amazons.

They are very vocal and have a variety of vocalisations. Pet yellow-naped amazons are also well known for their excellent and clear copying of human speech. Wild birds tend to be found in pairs or groups of pairs, and are very social, their vocalisations making up a large portion of interactions, though they also groom each other.

Their conservation status is “Vulnerable” meaning that they have suffered high population decline. There has been significant habitat loss as forests are cut down throughout its range. Another major problem is raiding of young in nests to be sold as pets. The majority of breeding “failures” are now thought to be caused by this.

Habitat: Semi-arid woodland, arid scrub and savannah, forest clearings, forests and mangroves.

Vital Statistics:
–Average weight: 0.5kg
–Average length: 0.4m

Life Expectancy:
In the wild up to: unknown years
In captivity up to: 49 years

Diet: They are herbivores and so eat plants, including fruits, berries, nuts and seeds.

Distribution: Along the Pacific coast from southern Mexico through to Costa Rica.