Keepers were uber-excited this morning to discover the most recent hatchlings in our World Wide Safari: Coscoroba Swan Cygnets!

The Coscoroba Swan happens to be the smallest species of swan and originates from South America. The beautiful Coscoroba Swan has been the subject of discussion amongst scientists and bird lovers alike as their characteristics and attributes resemble a mixture of geese, swans and whistling ducks. The bill, for example is more duck-like, their honking voice, heads and legs are more goose like.

Have a look for yourselves during your next visit and decide if you are #team Swan, Goose or Duck! Whichever you decide, we are sure you will be as enamoured with these feathered lovelies as we are!

Watch this space as we will be bringing you news of more of our recent (but more elusive) fluffy arrivals very very soon.

Welcome to the World l'il ones! 3
Welcome to the World l'il ones! 2