Safari Zoo has been temporarily closed since Monday 23rd March 2020, a dedicated team remains in place to ensure the animals have the care and attention they need and deserve. We have over 1000 animals relying on us, we are 100% self funded meaning we rely on our admission fees, cafes and gift shop.  With no income, we look to our supporters for help.   We know these are uncertain times but any donation no matter how big or small will massively support the ongoing care of our residents.

Our Giraffes eat 2 bales of Lucerne each day, our rhinos munch through one quad bale of hay every 2 days.  Each and every furred, feathered, scaled and antennae’d resident at Safari Zoo enjoys a specialist, quality, diet, approved by consultant vets, as they should do, but it does come at a cost.

YOU can help the furry, feathered, scaled and antennae’d residents by adopting your favourite today!  E-dopters will receive a link to download your thank you from your chosen animal. Your e-doption also entitles you to visit within 2 months of our reopening so see your adoptee in person!  We’ll also send you an invite to our Summer BBQ event!  All for just £10.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you all soon

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