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Safari Zoo has been temporarily closed since Monday 23rd March 2020, a dedicated team remains in place to ensure the animals have the care and attention they need and deserve. We have over 1000 animals relying on us, we are 100% self funded meaning we rely on our admission fees, cafes and gift shop.  With no income, we look to our supporters for help.   

You will all of seen Michael, Carnivore Keeper, on our LIVES.  Michael has set up a Fundraiser to raise £3000 to fund food for the Carnivores for 3 months;

“I am one of the keepers at Safari Zoo in Cumbria and whilst we work with a range of animals I have spent the majority of the last 3 years looking after our Carnivore section.

On our carnivore section we have Jaguar, Sumatran Tigers, African Lion, Snow Leopards, Arctic Wolves, Canada Lynx and a host of birds to feed, with a huge 65kg of meat used every single day. This obviously still has to be provided with no income so, I am asking you to help me in looking after these animals as well as the rest of our residents here at the Zoo.

Due to the extension of the lockdown announnced last week Safari Zoo is going to have to remain closed for a little while longer. This means that there is no income but costs still remain so that we can feed and care for the animals living with us.

Each month it costs around £1000 just to provide food for the animals on this section alone and I am looking to raise enough money to cover these costs for the next few months.

If you are in a position to help we really appreciate it and are thankful for your continued support in these difficult times for everyone.

As a thank you for your support, especially in uncertain times like these, I’ve got some special thank yous for our donators.

For donations of £100, you and up to 3 other people can come and meet all our cats with me and receive a family membership for up to 4 of you to enjoy unlimited access to Safari Zoo for an entire year.

For donations of £50 you will be coming to meet the cats with me and receive a membership to enjoy unlimited visits to Safari Zoo for one year.

For donations of £25 you will receive a big cat adoption of your choice which includes invitations to at least 4 special adopters events here at Safari Zoo.

For donations of £20 You will receive a complimentary Safari Zoo admission ticket valid for 12 months.”

Visit Michael’s Go Fund Me Page