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volunteer stage 2

Thank you for submitting your application form.

Please take a look at the tasks you will be carrying out and take our quiz.



Volunteering duties can be varied and you can be asked to help with lots of different tasks.

Your jobs will include the following,,,,,

Scrubbing the barriers and pathways

Sweeping the paths

Cleaning the windows of the enclosures

Preparing Animal feed

Feeding the Animals

Monitoring the trolley area, this will include making sure Visitors leave buggys, prams etc in this area and if they can’t making sure they are not bringing food through that the Animals can pinch.

Monitoring walk through areas, this will include making sure Visitors are not touching the Animals,  making sure that Visitors are not feeding the Animals that shouldn’t be fed, only the Emu’s etc but with the feed they have bought here, suitable for them. It will also include making sure the Animals are safe, Children are not chasing them etc.

You will be also asked to stand with a donation bucket at feeding times for the larger Animals, Tigers, Jaguars etc

Check all the birds, this is carried out with a Keeper.

Talking to the Visitors about the Animals you are working with, answering any questions that they may have, spreading the word about our Charities and the conservation work we carry out and are passionate about.



Please take a few minutes to have a look at our quiz


1, How many breeds of Lemurs do we have here at the Park?

2, How many can you name?

3, Which is the heaviest Lemur?

4, Where do Lemur’s originate from?

5, There is 1 Lemur which carries it’s Babies around at all times which one is it?


1, How many breeds of Wallaby are at the park?

2, What do they eat?

3, What colour is the River Sand Wallaby?

4,What is there average weight?

5,What is the average time the Baby is in the pouch?


1, What do they eat?

2, How do they move through trees?

3,What do they prefer to eat?

4,What is the tail used for?

5,Who has the longer teeth? Male or Female?


1,Where will these never be found?

2,How much heavier are the males compared to the females?

3,What colour are Prairie Dogs?

4,How many in a litter?

5,What age do they open their eyes?


1, What is a Little Egret?

2,What colour feet does a Little Egret have?

3,Are they all the same colour no matter where in the World they come from?

4,Name the Countries that Little Egret’s can be found

5, Why are these birds hunted?