Tortoise Balmoral! 2

Our shelled buddies moved into their new summer residence today – Tortoise Balmoral we like to call it!

Among the residents enjoying the move were our Hermann’s Tortoise.  These guys can be found just opposite Tamarin Island, to the left of the Giant Otters.  

Here’s some pics of them enjoying their first venture out until you make it down to catch them in person.

The Herman’s tortoise is classified as near threatened, originating in Southern Europe these guys’ survival is threatened mainly by the pet trade (inspite of legal protection) and the destruction of natural habitats with urban development and the construction of major roads to accommodate an increase in tourists.

Conservation measures include Le Village des Tortues – “Tortoise Village” – where injured tortoises are cares for a rehabilitated, and a successful breeding, release and reintroduction programme is in place.

Initiatives to protect tortoises during large road construction include containment during building, relocation, construction of under road tunnels and fences to prevent them getting into the roads, reducing traffic mortality.