The Pitter Patter of Tiny Paws, Pawesome Joey Names, A Super-fast Go Fund Me and a Surprise LIVE Star!

Hey everyone, preparations are well underway to enable to welcome you guys all back as soon as it is safe to do so but in the meantime, we had some exciting news with the pitter patter of tiny paws, this time – Capybabbas!

Those of you keeping up with our daily LIVES will know we suspected one of our female Capys would soon be welcoming some new arrivals – and on Sunday we were delighted to discover she was the proud mum to 2 babies. Mum has set up home on the Emperor Tamarin Island keeping close watch over her 2 new arrivals – they are just absolutely adorable!

Welcome to the world little ones.

Elsewhere on the baby front we now have 21 baby lemurs, yes TWENTY ONE!  16 Ring Tails and 5 Ruffed babies, all patiently waiting to be named.

In other news, Kim and Michael found adorable names for our Joeys with a lot of help from our regular LIVE viewers!  Manya’s Joey is now known as Mason and Jessie’s Joey is now Jalapeno…..could it BE anymore adorable?

On Saturday we joined other Zoos and Wildlife Centres in #shellebrating World Turtle Day and raising awareness of the threats posed to turtles around the world.  We started with a LIVE video meeting our Soft Shelled Turtle Charlie and launched our competition to win a family experience with Charlie and his Tortoise buddies here at the Zoo.  To enter, we asked for posters raising awareness of the problems of plastic pollution to help us revamp our “beach” which is looking a little tired.  We were totally impressed by each and every entry into the competition – we definitely have some very talented fans out there.  Our overall winner as chosen by our very own Superstars Michael and Kim is Lucy who designed her tortoise shell using waste plastic – so cool!  We were so impressed with all the entries that the decision to pick a winner was so difficult that we decided everyone was a winner and all entrants are receiving a family ticket to visit Safari Zoo. EX-SHELL-ENT!

We are also thrilled to watch Senior Keeper Michael’s go fund me continue to rise each and every day.  Michael hit his original £3000 target within 14 hours of launching his campaign and has now exceeded his target by a whopping £1100.  It’s a truly pawesome set up which offers thankyous including meet and greets with Michael and his cats for donations of £50 and over and will feed the carnivores here at Safari Zoo for 3 months, and the ever-growing total raised means that this now covers food for Carlos and Tupi our Giant Otters aswell as our 23 Humboldt Penguins!  Visit Michael’s campaign here

We are long overdue an update on our pawesome little cycling supporters Alfie and Zach who wanted to help the Safari Zoo Animals whilst enjoying their favourite exercise – Cycling!
Alfie is 5 and his brother Zach is 3 and they have clocked up more than 150 miles this lockdown and have now raised a whopping £280 for the Safari Zoo residents! A massive thank you to Alfie and Zach and to all those who have supported them with a donation. If you would like to encourage the boys to keep peddaling please visit our donations page HERE, click on make a one off or recurring donation and tell us you have been encouraged to donate by the boys by clicking Alfie and Zach ride for the Zoo in the dropdown!

And finally, I don’t think we could leave this week without a mention of our surprise star of the LIVEs who has certainly shown herself to be quite the little TV star – Mushroom Queen Mrs Muntjac!  Keep watching our daily lives to see how Mrs Muntjac and her friends are getting on and stay tuned for news of some extra special raffles that will be coming your way very very soon!


As always, thank you for your continued support,


The Safari Zoo Team