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You met sherbert in this mornings live, here’s a little more about his earlier days where the humans have him a helping hand.

The Coscoroba Swan is the smallest species of swan and originates from South America. They have long been the subject of discussion amongst scientists and bird lovers alike as their characteristics and attributes resemble a mixture of geese, swans and whistling ducks. The bill, for example is more duck-like, whilst their honking voice, heads and legs are more goose like.

At approximately 2 weeks old, Coscoroban Swan “Sherbert”, or “fluff” as he was known for a short time, was sadly rejected by his mum.  This is not unheard of in the wild as the Mums will sometimes focus her atttention on the stronger of her 2 babies.

So the human team stepped in to take care of him whilst he gained the strength and grew to the size he needed to be to protect himself from larger birds before moving to the Tambopata Aviary permanently.

From regular feeds of chick crumb, to baths and “walks” where he followed his human friends through the zoo, getting his webbed feet used to the different terrains.

To being taken for a swim in the aviary pond then spending his evenings in the nice warm vet room.

Before long Sherbert spent his entire day in the aviary, making plenty of bird friends, and now is right at home with his very own coscoroban friend (who some of us like to call Dib Dab, as they are always together!).

It’s truly pawesome to see him doing so well, and that even though humans were so influential in his early days, he is very much still a Coscorban Swan doing what Coscoroban Swans do.

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