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All groups must be booked in advance to receive these fantastic rates.

Groups must be pre-booked.

A visit to South Lakes Wild Animal Park is great fun and educational. Your safety is very important to us and we need to make sure you are aware of all the risks and rules.

There is an area of the park where we do not allow pushchairs if you do have a carrying pouch for your baby we advise you to bring it with you. Should you experience problems however our keepers on duty will be able to assist.

There is an area of the park where we do not allow food or drink, this is due to the free roaming animals your bag maybe subject to a search and you will be asked to leave any food/drink outside the area.

No Smoking is allowed anywhere in the park – for the comfort of our visitors, staff and most of all our animals.

No dogs allowed, this rule also applies to guide dogs.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a natural park with free roaming animals, please be advised to wear sensible footwear. Conditions are likely to change in damp or wet weather.

Find out more by visiting our safety page at the link opposite.

WILD about education

School ChildrenTeachers
Prices FREEWe require a 1:6 ration of adults to children. Additional helpers are £7 per person.

FREE education trips in 2015

3 times the size in 2015 and 3 times the experience as you safari on foot and Discover Rhinos, Lions, Tigers, Penguins, Bears, Hippos, Wolves, Snow leopards, Jaguar, Giant otters, Primates, free roaming monkeys, kangaroos, vultures, penguins and a host of bird species on a fun filled educational day out packed with learning and fun at Europe’s only safari zoo.

Enhance your day and hand feed giraffes, lemurs, penguins, lemurs, kangaroos, Join our interactive animal keeper led talks and animal feedings, and more or book an educational talk with one of our highly trained animal keepers.


All inclusive wristbands £3 per pupil


£3.00 wristband per pupil will allow you to attend and take part in all hand feeding opportunities within the park on your day of visit these would usually include Giraffe, Penguin and Lemur feeding, plus a bag of special animal food for the kangaroos, wallabies, emus, ducks and swans.

School Dinners £2.50 per pupil

Meal Option 1 Meal Option 2Meal Option 3
School Dinners £2.50Tomato pasta with cheese followed by jelly and ice cream. Including cup of juice per pupil.Turkey served with Roast & mash potatoes and vegetables followed by jelly and ice cream. Including cup of juice per pupil.Picnic including kids cheese bun, carton of Apple Juice, a marshmallow Flump, crisps and an orange.
Adult Meals Choose from the menu

Meals must be prebooked 1 week before your visit, meals not booked in advance will be cancelled. Meals are served in the Maki Restaurant – tuck in whilst overlooking the African Savannah where rhinos, giraffes and baboons wander.

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Book on 01229 466086 x0 or Fax a booking form to us on 01229 461310