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Safari Zoo New Opening

The SAFARI ZOO is finally born and here !!
Well the day we have all been working so hard for over the past 4 years finally came. This is the biggest and most positive day in the Zoos 21 year history since the day it first opened in May 1994.

From Tuesday the 7th, the 21 year old entrance designed for 10,000 visitors a year was closed and the new one opened (we are sure to a hurray from all the hundreds of residents of the local streets in Dalton who couldn’t wait to see it open). With nearly 700 free car parking spaces all on site and now with no need to cross busy roads etc this is a huge improvement in visitor facilities for all.

We welcome you to our new Zoo.
Thanks go our to all the existing staff who have put heart and soul into the project and to all our new staff starting new jobs created by the success and growth of the zoo to look after the major expansion.
We will be a few small areas within the SAFARI ZOO not open as yet but will still be working hard to have access to all areas within as short a time as possible.
Just follow all the signs to SAFARI ZOO……the adventure starts here !

For anyone traveling from Barrow, Dalton (including the station) and Ulverston we are now on a direct bus route – there is now a regular service which stops at the end of the footpath to our new entrance. Stagecoach Bus numbers 6 and X6, mon-sat (around 4 an hour.) From Barrow you want the Lindal “Melton top stop” and from Dalton Station Craig Marr you get on at Bank corner – out the station just down towards Dalton and you too want Melton Top.

There is also a service from Kendal and from Windermere check out stagecoach online for all the up to date timeshttps://www.stagecoachbus.com/timetable-landing.aspx