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Rare baby giraffe born

Our very rare and beautiful new West African Giraffe, called Melman. Born 7.30am Sunday 15th March 2015. In the Wild this sub species of Giraffe was nearly lost forever. In 2005 there was only 61 of these wonderful animals living in the wild in a small area of Niger. We have been working with our loyal partners Bioparc Doué-la-Fontaine since that time with a very dedicated team in a difficult region of the world to protect them and educate the locals to value them alive. The success of this project is second to none, one of the best conservation successes ever recorded with now over 450 West African Giraffes alive in the wild . We are proud to be working in such a decisive and positive way in the wild and making a huge difference for wild animals through our animals here in SAFARI ZOO. We have the only West African Giraffes in the UK