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Photo Competition 2013 Winners

Our 2013 Photo Competition Winners

Below are our top three entries from each monthly subject.

All 1st place winners will be contacted directly via the details they supplied when entering their photographs.

It you want another shot at 1st place, please check out our 2014 Photo Competition.

February - Your Favourite Animals

1st Place – Kirsty Rawden

2nd Place – David Mason

3rd Place – Rachael Hutcheon

March - Park Mascots

1st Place – Elysia

2nd Place – Mike Cromptona

April - Carnivores

1st Place – Robert Owen

2nd Place – Leanne Tipton Clarke

3rd Place – Antonio Barbaro

May - Avairy Birds

1st Place – Peter Madden

2nd Place – Ben fisher

3rd Place – Ken Atkinson

June - Kangaroos

1st Place – Mandy Mann

2nd Place – Jason Perrett

3rd Place – Kelly Hay

July - Free Roaming Monkeys

1st Place – Victoria McGiven

2nd Place – S Bell

3rd Place – Kev Biermann

August - All Lemur Species

1st Place – Mark Skellorn

2nd Place – Jonathan Thomson

3rd Place – Ian Trevena

Sept - Interactive Hand Feeding

1st Place – Tracey Walker

2nd Place – Andrew Ingledow

3rd Place – Mandy Mann

October - All Big Cats

1st Place – Jack Barker

2nd Place – Stewart Wilson

3rd Place – Kirsty Rawden

November - Herbivores

1st Place – Trevor Brunnenkant

2nd Place – Andy McGarry

3rd Place – Mark Skellorn

December - Christmas at the Park

1st Place – David Mason

2nd Place – Craig Clark

3rd – Charlie Hogan