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Orange-winged Amazon

Fact File

Continent: South America
Habitat: Forest
Weight and Length: 0.35kg, 0.3m

Diet: Herbivore
Incubation: 26 days
Number of Young: 3

Conservation Status: LC


  • They gather in large numbers in their roosting area at dawn and dusk.
  • Is quite adaptable, shown by its feral colonies in places such as London.
  • Has two subspecies that have differing amounts of orange.
  • Have a variety of calls, such as the repetitive flight call “Kee-wik”.

Orange-winged Amazon

Amazona amazonica

Animals — Aves (birds) — Psittaciformes (parrots) — Psittacidae (true parrots)

Orange-winged amazons are a large type of amazon parrot. Amazon parrots are mostly green birds from the genus Amazona. They have varying amounts of pale blue and yellow feathers on their heads and some red feathers on their under wing.

They are social birds and are known for being very loud. They call often to each other in high pitched screams. Large numbers have been seen flocking together, particularly in the morning and evening. Large numbers of birds also roost together.

Their conservation status is “least concern”, meaning they are still common. However, they are considered agricultural pests and may be killed for this reason, or to be used as a food source themselves. Some are also captured for the pet trade.

Habitat: Forest and surrounding area.

Vital Statistics:
–Average weight: 0.35kg
–Average length: 0.3m

Life Expectancy:
In the wild up to: unknown
In captivity up to: 30 years

Diet: They are herbivores and so eat plants. Mostly fruit and seeds.

Distribution: South America from Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago down to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.