Go Wild At Safari Zoo!

When Winter arrives at South Lakes Safari Zoo the exploring begins. 

Open 10.30-4pm Home to over 1,000 of the rarest and most endangered animals in unique natural environments which enable you to get as close as physically possible to experience the amazing creatures with which we share our planet. 11am WWS discovery tour and 2.30pm feed up tour is included in your ticket.  Lemur feeding (£5pp) Giraffe feeding (£5pp), takes place every day.

All inclusive tickets include  lemur feeding, giraffe feeding and a bag of food for the kangaroos, marmots, deer of the WWS .

  • Round up the pack for hands-on fun and learning at Safari Zoo this summer.

  • Hand feed Big Cats, Giraffes & more (Charges apply)

  • Find out about vital conservation efforts taking place at the zoo.

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Safari Zoo on Day Out With The Kids

Admissions Terms & Conditions

All advance ticket sales are final and non-refundable.  Tickets are not sent out in advance, to redeem your ticket please show your PayPal receipt to our admissions team. Alternatively our admissions team will be able to trace your purchase using the email address you have used at checkout. Admission for children under 3 years is free of charge, animal feedings for under 3’s can be bought during your visit.

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Daily Talk & Feeding Schedule

February Fun for your Flock



Join one of our experienced and knowledgeable animal carers for educational and hands-on glimpse of the zoo, and find out more about the invaluable conservation work taking place right here in Cumbria.



February Fun for your Flock 1


  • 11:00 – Meet the Africa Keepers & Giraffe Brunch: £5 Per Person

  • 11:20 – Breakfast with Bears

  • 11:45 – Arctic Wolf Talk & Big Cat Feed

  • 12:00 – Macaw Feed



  • 12:30 Saving the Rhinos

  • 12:45 Otters, Tapirs and Maned Wolves; A South American Tale

  • 13:00 Onwards – Hand feed one of the resident big cats!

  • 14:00 – Giraffe talk and hand feed: £5 per person

  • 14:00 – Lunch with Lemurs: £5 per person

  • 15:00 – There’s a Penguin Party – At Humboldt Haven and you’re all invited, but show some etiquette and don’t come empty handed! Join in with the feeding for just £5 today!

  • 15:30- Watch them climb the 20ft poles, whilst amazing, it is not done for our entertainment. Also learn how some of your treats are threatening the survival of big cats and their fellow forest dwellers. (Check on arrival which Big Cat we will be feeding on the day of your visit).

  • 16:00- Red Panda High Tea – Safari Zoo Sweethearts Tink and Pan cordially invite you to join them for their high tea at the Red Panda Residence.

  • 16:15 – Supper with the Giraffe Gals: £5 per person


South Lakes Safari Zoo is home to over 1,000 of the rarest and most endangered animals in unique natural environments which enable you to get as close as physically possible to experience the amazing creatures with which we share our planet.

Our premium offers allow you to participate in animal feeding experiences or be a zookeeper for a day.

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Select an Experience

Omnivores & Herbivores

Select an Experience

Hand-feed big cats

Join one of our passionate big cat keepers for an unrivalled tour of South Lakes Safari Zoo’s big cat species. Learn from the expert about our big cat species and how we are working to protect big cats in the wild. For this one hour experience, after a visit to the kitchen to chop some nibbles get a truly memorable opportunity as you go behind the scenes in the big cat houses and hand feed at least two of our big cat species. Then spend the rest of your day exploring the Safari Zoo.

For a shorter visit you may wish to book a Mini Big Cat hand feed for £35, which lasts around 15 minutes.

Participants must be aged 7 years and over.  Children aged under 16 years must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Select an Experience

Red Panda Meet and Greet - Red Panda Experience

Select an Experience

Red Panda Experience

Come meet everyone’s favourite Red Pandas, Tink and Pan, face to face in this interactive meet, greet and feed session! The experience includes entry to the park for the day, an introductory briefing & talk with our experienced and knowledgeable Red Panda Keeper. You will accompany the keeper into the Red Panda enclosure to meet the Red Pandas with an opportunity to hand feed!

The ideal group size for the experience is 2, we can accommodate family groups of 4 or larger groups in split sessions – please call us on 01229 466086 if your group size is not available online. You can book the Red Panda experience for yourself or as a gift, those booking as a gift can opt to receive a Red Panda Experience gift pack which includes an experience gift certificate, Red Panda Keyring or Magnet and Red Panda Cuddly for an additional £20.

Select an Experience

Come Hang with Stanley

Join our Sloth Keeper and prepare to meet Stanley face to face in his new cozy home in our Tropical House.  Visit the animal kitchen and help to prepare Stan’s favourite, vet approved snacks, chat to Stan’s human friend to learn all about his likes, dislikes and funky habits. You may even get the opportunity to hand feed Stan.

Participants must be aged 7 years or more and children under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. Experiences are limited to one per day with a maximum group size of 4.

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