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Where will my money go?

Our monthly food bill for meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dry food (pellets), lucerne and hay and essential supplements alone is in the region of £15,000 which does not include vet treatment, medications or essentials such as straw and sawdust for animal bedding.

Each day we weigh and chop over 70kg of fresh fruit and vegetables.  From carrots to melon, apples, pears, papaya, mushrooms, leafy greens, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, mango, swede, grapes, watermelon, raspberries, blueberries, beetroot, aubergine, courgette, squash, spinach – the list is endless, nothing is off the menu!

Some animals, like baboons and bears, have spuds as part of their diets, but NEVER uncooked, so each morning we cook off 57 potatoes.  On Mondays and Thursdays our primates, tamarins and Raccoon enjoy boiled eggs, so on Sundays and Wednesdays we boil up 65 eggs!

Ring Tail lemurs munch their way through 9.7kg of fresh food daily.

Little cotton top and emperor tamarins have 840g of vegetables and 210g of diced fruit plus 200g of tamarin cake.  Nope, we don’t feed the tamarins fudge cake – this is a special mix of the nutrients wild tamarins would naturally find in insects, vegetation and tree sap that is delivered as a powder and mixed with water to bind into a ball of tamarin cake!

Maned Wolf Danna absolutely loves her 500g of fresh fruit at supper time.  She also enjoys rats and chicks once a week and a daily pellet and really loves the occasional avocado!

Andean Bears Mona and Zippy eat a protein rich pellet specially designed for Omnivores in addition to 4kg of fruit and veg – they love nothing more than the exotics like papaya or mango but give a paws down to peppers and banana!

Tapir Kaya has a nutritionally balanced, high fibre, low starch pellet formulated for browsing animals, and 5kg of fresh food which is mainly root vegetables like parsnips, carrots, swede and beetroot but she also goes wild for aubergines and courgettes!

Again we say a massive thank you to everyone who is helping us through this tough time 😊.


We love getting lovely emails – I mean who doesn’t? – and this week we certainly had reason to smile when an email from Alfie and Zach’s Mum, Abbie, landed in our inbox.  Abbie explained that the boys not only LOVE the Zoo, but also LOVE cycling and have so far clocked up over 100 miles this lockdown alone!  The boys and their family are long time members and supporters of Safari Zoo and are keen to raise money as they clock up their miles.  Over to Abbie to explain more….

“Alfie age 5 and Zach age 3 love cycling and during lockdown have been spending a lot of time on their bikes, particularly on “Daddy school” days. Last week they achieved a total of 100 miles pedaled since the start of lockdown.  They’ve been cycling because they enjoy it but agree it would be great to be able to use this opportunity to help others. The boys love animals and Dalton Safari Zoo has been somewhere they’ve loved to visit over the last couple of years. Helping keep the animals looked after and fed while there are no visitors to provide an income would mean a lot to them. Their only target is to keep on pedaling and enjoy what they’re doing but if anyone would like to encourage them to keep on pedaling and also help them help the animals, they’d love it if you would donate to Dalton Safari Zoo. “

We are absolutely touched by the generosity of the boys so please let us know, when you make a donation, that you have been inspired by Alfie and Zach’s Mission by clicking on “Alfie and Zach Ride for the Zoo”.

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Make a One-Off or Recurring Donation 2
Make a One-Off or Recurring Donation
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