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Playtime For Huubke & Mosi

Safari Zoo animal carers are always looking for ways to stimulate and improve the environment of the animals under their care. We enrich animals environments by making changes in their enclosures or presenting novel objects for them to investigate and explore. This keeps animals active and stimulates animals like our White Rhino here to investigate and interact with their surroundings. Male Huubke is 21 and Mosi our Christmas newborn calf just 2 months old.

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Safari Zoo Nature Foundation

There have been lots of exciting developments with our conservation projects recently. The Wildlife Protection Foundation (WPF) has been replaced by the Safari Zoo Nature Foundation (SZNF), which will encompass all of our fantastic conservation projects, from the protection of giraffes in Niger to our vital Sumatran tiger conservation, and much more.

We have launched a new facebook page so that you can keep updated. It is called SAFARI ZOO NATURE FOUNDATION: www.facebook.com/safarizoonaturefoundation

This page will update you constantly on all our major and minor conservation projects. All the latest videos and photos from our camera traps around the world. the results and aims of the projects and the people who work in them every day. It is our aim to promote conservation and to allow people to see the difference that their donations make.

So please go to the page and like it… then simply wait for all the updates!

Zoo Keeper Appreciation

This week American zoos are celebrating “National Zoo Keeper Week”. We think our keepers are fantastic so we’d like to join in by giving them a big thank you!

Come rain or shine, our keepers work hard to promote our conservation projects across the globe and ensure our animals get the best possible care. Zoo keeping is very rewarding career and our team have a lot of fun, but as with most animal care jobs, it can come with some very smelly, dirty tasks too – but, as they say, ‘somebody’s got to do it’!

If you are coming to visit us here at Safari Zoo, don’t forget, kids are free with a full paying adult!

Safari Zoo New Opening

The SAFARI ZOO is finally born and here !!
Well the day we have all been working so hard for over the past 4 years finally came. This is the biggest and most positive day in the Zoos 21 year history since the day it first opened in May 1994.

From Tuesday the 7th, the 21 year old entrance designed for 10,000 visitors a year was closed and the new one opened (we are sure to a hurray from all the hundreds of residents of the local streets in Dalton who couldn’t wait to see it open). With nearly 700 free car parking spaces all on site and now with no need to cross busy roads etc this is a huge improvement in visitor facilities for all.

We welcome you to our new Zoo.
Thanks go our to all the existing staff who have put heart and soul into the project and to all our new staff starting new jobs created by the success and growth of the zoo to look after the major expansion.
We will be a few small areas within the SAFARI ZOO not open as yet but will still be working hard to have access to all areas within as short a time as possible.
Just follow all the signs to SAFARI ZOO……the adventure starts here !

For anyone traveling from Barrow, Dalton (including the station) and Ulverston we are now on a direct bus route – there is now a regular service which stops at the end of the footpath to our new entrance. Stagecoach Bus numbers 6 and X6, mon-sat (around 4 an hour.) From Barrow you want the Lindal “Melton top stop” and from Dalton Station Craig Marr you get on at Bank corner – out the station just down towards Dalton and you too want Melton Top.

There is also a service from Kendal and from Windermere check out stagecoach online for all the up to date timeshttps://www.stagecoachbus.com/timetable-landing.aspx

Junior Keeper Camp August 2015

With summer well on the way now, how would your kids like to spend part of their summer holiday at the zoo, meeting amazing animals and learning fascinating things? Experiences of a lifetime await at our junior keeper camp, which will be taking place this August!

A fantastic success in previous years, our summer junior keepers can take part in five themed days, “Animal Bodies and Adaptations”, “Fur, Feathers, Scales or Skin”, “Evolution and The Tree of Life”, “Homes and Habitats”, and “Threats to our Wildlife”. Each is a unique day with different animals and activities.

The age range for this camp is 7-15. It costs £80 per day, or £200 for the full 5 weekdays. We offer discount prices for one child staying for 2 days or two children for one day of £150.

Book fast, as there are only limited spaces available! To enquire or book, call 01229 466086 ext 0.

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The New Animals Were Blue Wildebeest!

Thanks very much to everyone who had a go at our puzzles and found out what species have arrived at the zoo! We are proud to announce that BLUE WILDEBEEST have now arrived! These amazing animals will be in our new “Africa” section and can be seen after our new opening soon.

They are large blue-grey antelopes that are famous for taking part in the largest migrations of animals in the world, and can be found in southern and eastern Africa. They will be fantastic to watch this summer!

Try the puzzle here: https://southlakessafarizoo.com/new-animals-at-the-zoo/
And find out more here: https://southlakessafarizoo.com/…/large-mam…/blue-wildebeest/

Chilean Flamingo arrive

Today our new Chilean Flamingos had the first taste of Northern England air….. after their arrival last week . Here are a few of them…. . We test every bird that arrives here and follow strict health and veterinary protocols before allowing them into our SAFARI ZOO. Our zoo is a fully accredited European standard quarantine zoo and we are proud of this high standard. In fact we were the first zoo in the UK to reach that standard many years ago.

Rare baby giraffe born

Our very rare and beautiful new West African Giraffe, called Melman. Born 7.30am Sunday 15th March 2015. In the Wild this sub species of Giraffe was nearly lost forever. In 2005 there was only 61 of these wonderful animals living in the wild in a small area of Niger. We have been working with our loyal partners Bioparc Doué-la-Fontaine since that time with a very dedicated team in a difficult region of the world to protect them and educate the locals to value them alive. The success of this project is second to none, one of the best conservation successes ever recorded with now over 450 West African Giraffes alive in the wild . We are proud to be working in such a decisive and positive way in the wild and making a huge difference for wild animals through our animals here in SAFARI ZOO. We have the only West African Giraffes in the UK