Red Kangaroos

Fully grown, the Red Roo is the largest of all the Kangaroos.  At birth the Jelly-Bean-Sized Joeys begin the epic journey to their Momma’s pouch where they continue to grow safe and warm for a further 9 months.  This “Boomer” if its a boy or “Blue Flyer” if its female can be seen out and about with the rest of the mob in World Wide Safari.

Joey-Fest at Safari Zoo

Parma Joeys

Once thought to be extinct in the wild due to mass clearings of their forest habitat, in stark contrast to their Red Kangaroo cousins, these little guys are worlds smallest member of the Macropus genus.

Although nocturnal and therefore mostly active in the evenings, we often meet our resident inquisitive Parma’s on our walk down the hill first thing in the morning –  they can be found along the banking opposite the Giant Anteater enclosure.