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Humboldt Bay

Life’s a beach for Hollie. Hollie (Pictured Above) and the rest of the Safari Zoo Humboldt Penguins have just had their annual health check. Safari Zoo vet department together with specialist vets checked the bird’s weights, feet and overall health and gave each individual a clean “bill” of health. Penguin keepers took advantage of the time to redesign and do some work in the enclosure to create a new sand beach and pebbled area for the group.

We have had a few questions this week as to why our penguin pool is sometimes empty. Penguin keepers test the pool regularly for Ph & alkaline & chlorine levels, and when needed the penguin pool undergoes a deep clean. The process takes approximately 24 hours to drain, clean and refill. The pool is drained in the morning which takes 2-3 hours, the residual water is bucketed out, cleaned, and then the pool fills back up overnight. This is performed every 1-2 weeks depending on the need. We have discussed the need for water for the penguins in this period and have been informed that this is acceptable practice by specialists in penguin husbandry and veterinary care. This practice is not dissimilar to that performed in other collections.

Constructing The Beach

Penguin Keeper For The Morning - Cleaning