Quick Info Page

Hand feed essential information

The experiences are very unique so no experience will be the same. Your keeper on the day will do his/her best to give you a tour to remember and memories to cherish.

Due to unforeseeable animal health we cannot guarantee that all animals and exhibits will be available.
What if the participant doesn’t want to do one of the specific tasks or becomes scared of the animals? • No one will be forced to do anything they do not wish to. If you wish to take a step back at any point you are welcome to do so, although most find that taking part in the full range of activities is the best way to get the most from the Experience.
Can we take photos and or Video footage? • Yes, there are no restrictions with bringing cameras/video cameras to record your special day. There will be plenty of photo opportunities throughout the tour and your guide will advise you on the day.
Do I get to touch the animals? Under no circumstances must you attempt to touch any of the big cats.
Is it dangerous? • Working with any animal always carries a degree of risk. Participants will be fully briefed on what they should do in any situation and supervised at all times.
If we are late what do we do? • If you are running late please call 01229 466086 x0 . Please be aware that we are unable to wait more than ten minutes.
What is your refunds and cancellation policy? Refunds will not be available for cancellations or late arrival unless exceptional circumstances.
If your experience is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, how will you find out? • In the unlikely event of your experience being cancelled we will give as much notice as possible if we have to cancel the tours. We will notify you by phone with your mobile phone number provided when your tour was confirmed.
Waiver of liability: South Lakes Safari Zoo accepts no liability for any person or body for any loss, injury or property damage from any action or cause whatsoever undertaken at the park. Participants must abide by staff instructions at all times.