Every year, six million tons of single-use plastics get thrown out, the majority of which ends up in our oceans, posing risk to the welfare marine life.  An estimated 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic, weighing a whopping 269,000 tons, currently pollute our oceans. That is about the same as 1345 adult blue whales.

Today, as part of Earth Day, people around the world will pledge to reduce their personal plastic consumption and make a massive step towards ending plastic pollution.

It is part of CZCL’s ethos to reduce our carbon footprint. So far we have substituted Individual plastic milk cartons with insulated flasks, Individual portioned condiments with refillable and reusable containers, Plastic Coffee Stirrers with Compostable Wooden Coffee Stirrers and Disposable Plastic Tea Spoons with Reusable Metal Tea Spoons and/or Compostable Wooden spoons.  In the coming months, you will see the removal of individual sauce and coleslaw pots and more eco-friendly choices for takeaway food packaging.

Our pledge will continue into 2018 and beyond as we look to make better and more informed choices.

We can all, individually, take small steps to help to reduce the amount of plastic waste, so what can you do? Some simple steps which we can all do to reduce our footprint on the planet are –

  • Carry reusable cutlery in our bags, eliminating the need for using plastic cutlery if we have a snack.
  • Take your own shopping bags to the supermarket – A single-use plastic bag can take between 100 and 300 years to break down.
  • Think about packaging – loose/ self-service fruit and veg use less plastic packaging than prepacked (plus you get to pick it for yourself!)
  • Carry a reusable thermos cup or reusable bottle for take-out drinks – a plastic bottle can last for 450 years, that’s a lot of years to potentially pollute the oceans

#EarthDay2018 #EndPlasticPollution