• Sunday April 8, 2018 — 10:00 am

We have some exciting news for our Safari Zoo friends!  On Sunday 8th April we will be celebrating Zoo Lovers Day in Safari Zoo style.

Why do zoos exist? What is their purpose?

How are zoos beneficial to species in the wild?

Ever wondered where the animals at Safari Zoo come from?

How are the Macaws living in our Tambopata aviary linked with the Wild Macaws of the Peruvian salt licks?

What role does 22 year old white rhino resident Mazungo play in international breeding programmes?

How vital is ex-SZ-resident Snow Leopard Miska in species conservation?

How are enclosures designed to mimic natural habitats and support natural behaviours?

Join us from 10am when our animal care teams will be deviating from our usual talks programme to tell and show you, our friends, how zoos support breeding programmes, conservation efforts in the wild, preservation projects and how zoo-based research has supported animals in the wild. Our education team will be on hand with unusual artefacts and to explain the essential and integral role education plays in modern day zoos.

Vote for your “Safari Zoo Sweetheart” in our entrance poll, the winner of the prestigious title will be announced on Facebook following closing.

This event forms part of our “friends programme” with free admission for adopters and members – look out for your invites arriving soon!

Standard admission is priced at £10 per adult and £5 per child aged 3-15 years. Toddlers under 3 years are free of charge.