• Wednesday March 28, 2018 — 11:30 am
  • Wednesday March 28, 2018 — 1:45 pm
  • Thursday April 5, 2018 — 11:30 am
  • Thursday April 5, 2018 — 1:45 pm

In May 2017, Cumbria Zoo implemented its very own Education department led by Education Officer Lyndsay.  Since then, Lyndsay has welcomed over 3700 children from over 70 schools who have visited as part of an Educational visit.

Educational Visits are free to all schools and can include an optional workshop focussed on subjects including Rainforests, Classification and Habitiats.  Optional Animal Hand Feeds are also available to each group at a significantly reduced cost during the visit.

We would like to invite teachers and up to three family members to meet Lyndsay at one of our complimentary Teacher-focused “Getting to Know Us” days during the Cumbrian Easter Holidays.

The itinerary will mimic the type of day available to Schools as part of our Educational Visits package;

Teachers Open Days 3

The days are taking place on:

  • Wednesday 28th March, 11:30am or 13:45
  • Thursday 5th April, 11:30am or 13:45

If you would like to be part of one of our days please email us on education@cumbriazoo.co.uk to book your place giving details of each attendee, the school you represent and the age group you look after.