• Wednesday May 29, 2019 — 12:00 am

Join us at the Safari Zoo to celebrate International World Otter Day & hand feed our Giant Otters, helping us to raise crucial funds to help save our furry friends.

Wednesday 29 May brings the opportunity for you to join the many people from around the world, who love otters and are dedicated to their conservation, to raise awareness and ensure that a greater number of people know about the problems that otters face.  The loss of habitat, illegal trade (fur and pets), being hunted, road death, pollution are a few of the challenges.

All 13 species of otter need our help.   ALL 13 species are listed in the IUCN Red List.

IOSF has been celebrating otters annually and raising awareness about their importance in our environment for 10 years now, and 2019 will be IOSF World Otter Day’s fifth year.  Each year more people in more countries are getting involved and in 2018 World Otter Day was celebrated in at least 26 countries.

WE ARE THEIR VOICE!  We must spread the word and encourage others to become involved and aware of the situation for otters in the environment and the delicate balance of their survival.