Here at Safari Zoo, Animal Keepers Gavin and Michael along with Amy who has recently joined the team, look after resident Cats and Carnivores including 4 year old Sumatran Tiger twins Kumbuh and Cinta.

Kumbuh and Cinta’s house is in Way Kambas here at the Zoo and keepers decided it was due for a “spring clean” and revamp. Cue a sprinkle of magic from our super-talented maintenance team – Ian, Ahmed, Kev, Marcus, Paul and John – who transformed their indoor enclosures into interesting, enriched homes fit for these 2 beauties. Pictured is the pen which has glass viewing, there are 2 other pens within the tiger house which do not have glass viewing, enabling Cinta and Kumbuh to move out of view whenever they wish.

We also took the opportunity to pop in some shiny new glass from the local glaziers. Glass in the cat houses must meet strict husbandry guidelines, the existing glass obviously met current guidelines however, rather than doing a straight like for like, we’ve taken the opportunity install thicker glass to ensure this adheres to the guidelines (currently in draft form) expected to come into force in the near future.

Left to right (Back): David A (Animal Manager), Kev (Maintenance), Ian (Maintenance Manager), Paul (Maintenance), Kim (Deputy Animal Manager)

Africa Keeper Erica and Deputy Animal Manager Kim had noticed Wildebeest Harry seemed a little out of sorts. Harry was eating well but didn’t seem himself and didn’t respond to initial treatment/actions. IZVG Consultant Vet Karen, concerned that the symptoms were typical of renal (kidney) or liver failure, attended to anaesthatise Harry and grab a blood sample, supported by Senior Keeper Gavin, Safari Zoo Vet Nurse Kelly and Keeper Michael. If the results identified Renal or Liver failure, the prognosis for Harry was not good so the lovely folk at Furness Veterinary Centre, Dalton, were lined up to carry out an expedited intial blood analysis test which would show if Harry had Kidney or Liver problems.

We whizzed the sample down for immediate testing and a member of the team waited with baited breath! The results showed Harry’s parameters were thankfully just as you would expect for a Wildebeest. Whilst under anaesthetic it gave the team chance to give Harry a ‘once over’, checking his teeth, eyes and generally things we wouldn’t normally be close enough to see and he happily got the all clear. Harry’s bloods have been sent for further testing and specialist examination, meanwhile he is out on the field with Wildebeest friends George and William. We will keep you updated on Harry over the coming weeks.

Evening Mail Week 1
Harry under anaesthetic with IZVG vet Karen