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Primates have big brains for the size of their body, Only primates have flat nails and use their limbs for more than just moving around, they can grasp with their hands and feet.

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Alison Fraser

Alison Fraser

Ellen Kennedy spider monkey
Ellen Kennedy

Jaime Mathwin - 12 howler
Jaime Mathwin

Nicole Smith spider monkey baby
Nicole Smith

Iona Sellers ring tailed lemur
Iona Sellers

Sarah Aspinall
Sarah Aspinall

Bill Doherty
Bill Doherty

cotton top tamarin Hollie GordonHollie Gordon

Ring Tailed Lemur Gillian FranceGillian France

ISophie HeppellSophie Heppell

Helen Grififths capuchin
Helen Grififths

carly williamson squirell monkey

Carly Williamson

Lucy Bailey 'face only a mother could love'
Lucy Bailey ‘face only a mother could love’

rachel marsden howler
Rachel Marsden

Rebecca Smith spider monkey
Rebecca Smith

Baboon S BellS Bell

Amy SouthwellAmy Southwell

cotton top tamarin Lydia WellsLydia Wells

Becca Davidson spider monkey
Becca Davidson

Ring Tailed Lemur Rebecca WhalleyRebecca Whalley

Chris Walker baboon
Chris Walker

Charis Sinclair cotton topped tamarin

Charis Sinclair

Holly Henstock gibbon
Holly Henstock

Miss Janet Packham capuchin monkey
Janet Packham


Stefan Willoughby spider monkey
Stefan Willoughby

Molly Smith baboon
Molly Smith

Angela HeppellAngela Heppell

georgia dicks age 11 capuchingeorgia dicks


Squirrel Monkey Rachel ArrandaleRachel Arrandale