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Mammals are vertebrates (which means they have a backbone or spine), they are warm blooded and produce milk to feed their babies.

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Bethany Cross reindeer
Bethany Cross

Holly Henstock wolves
Holly Henstock

lauren mcparland 'alan'Lauren Mcparland ‘alan’

Sophie Arthur

Amy SouthwellAmy Southwell

giraffe Lydia WellsLydia Wells

Nicole Smith sumatran tigerNicole Smith

Wolf S BellS Bell

Becca Davidson red ruffed lemur
Becca Davidson

Carol Lightburn wolf
Carol Lightburn

Sarah Moscrop giraffe
Sarah Moscrop

Mandy Mann kangaroo
Mandy Mann

Vicky Palamountain tayra
Vicky Palamountain

babirusa Hollie GordonHollie Gordon

marmot Martin Almond Where did you say you left your zoo pass BrianMartin Almond – Where did you say you left your zoo pass Brian

Malcolm J Preston-GreenMalcolm J Preston-Green

bethanie Thompson rhino
Bethanie Thompson

Ellen Kennedy praire marmot
Ellen Kennedy

Nilesh Patel capuchin
Nilesh Patel

Molly Smith baboon
Molly Smith

Yvonne Bertram fennec fox
Yvonne Bertram

Iona Sellers rhinoIona Sellers

Sophie HeppellSophie Heppell

georgia dicks age 11 tyrageorgia dicks

Steve BonnerSteve Bonner