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These are animals that mainly eat plants – this includes leaves, grass, fruits, flowers, seeds & much more.

Examples of Herbivores are our Lemurs, Giraffes & Lowland Tapirs.

Alice Schofield
Alice Schofield

Becca Davidson alpaca
Becca Davidson

Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith

Miss Janet Packham tapir
Janet Packham

Nilesh Patel giraffe
Nilesh Patel

Sophie Arthur

Giraffe Helen Soady HelloHelen Soady

Iona Sellers giraffeIona Sellers

Misa Ogura GiraffeMisa Ogura

Anthony Smith ring tailed lemur
Anthony Smith

Charis Sinclair ring tailed lemur
Charis Sinclair

Holly Henstock
Holly Henstock

Molly Smith hippo
Molly Smith

Sam Hockaday giraffe
Sam Hockaday

georgia dicksgeorgia dicks

Giraffe S BellS Bell

lauren mcparland 'take a photo of me'
Lauren Mcparland
‘take a photo of me’

Sophie HeppellSophie Heppell

Christopher Dale giraffe
Christopher Dale

Chris Walker ring tailed lemur
Chris Walker

Julie Ferguson ring tailed lemur
Julie Ferguson

Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith

Sarah moscrop kangaroo
Sarah moscrop

Sophie Morrant giraffe
Sophie Morrant

giraffe Hollie GordonHollie Gordon

Malcolm J Preston-GreenMalcolm J Preston-Green

ring tailed lemurs Lydia WellsLydia Wells