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Birds are animals that have feathers, wings, lay eggs and are warm blooded.

Sarah Ryan penguin
Sarah Ryan

Beth Eastham penguin
Beth Eastham penguin

Kirsty Walker emu
Kirsty Walker

alan pickles
Alan Pickles

Miss Janet Packham peacock
Miss Janet Packham

mandy mann
Mandy Mann

Charis Sinclair 'copy cat'
Charis Sinclair ‘copy cat’

Holly Henstock
Holly Henstock

Sophie Morrant
Sophie Morrant

Iona Sellers macawIona Sellers

macaw Hollie GordonHollie Gordon

Penguin Claire Massam
Claire Massam

Karl Mann
Karl Mann

Becca Davidson
Becca Davidson

Peacock Amy Poulson
Amy Poulson


Anthony Smith penguin
Anthony Smith

lauren mcparland
Lauren Mcparland

Nilesh Patel
Nilesh Patel

georgia dicks age 11 parrotgeorgia dicks

SONY DSCHenna Parekh

macaw Rebecca WhalleyRebecca Whalley

Sophie HeppellSophie Heppell

Paul Waddington macaw
Paul Waddington

Edward Battersby Age 9 emu
Edward Battersby

Chris Walker peacock
Chris Walker

Amy Begg
Amy Begg

Ellen Kennedy crested crane
Ellen Kennedy

Megan Kerr 12 macaw
Megan Kerr

Molly Smith
Molly Smith

Sophie Arthur

V.McGivern peacock
V McGivern

Lydia WellsLydia Wells

macaw Judy BellJudy Bell