Contribute to Vital Conservation Efforts

Countless species of animals, plants and insects face serious challenges and the threat of extinction with dire consequences for the planet. Recognising our duty to the natural environment, Safari Zoo are undertaking a series of conservation efforts beyond our base in Cumbria.

In addition to the daily care and conservation taking place at the Zoo, we contribute to schemes overseas in the native habitats of some of our animals, providing a vital lifeline for species and opportunities for communities in countries as far and wide as Peru, South Africa, Nepal and Indonesia.

Being part of the Safari Zoo Community means that you too can contribute to these Conservation efforts through a small yet meaningful donation to a cause of your choice. Find out more beneath.


Total Annual Target

Being part of the Safari Zoo Community means that you too can contribute to these Conservation efforts through a small yet meaningful donation to a cause of your choice. Find out more beneath.


Red Panda Network

The Global Red Panda population has declined by 50% over the last 20 years, meaning there may be as few as 2,500 remaining in the wild. Red Panda reside naturally in the Himalayas, rapid human population growth and increases in farming have resulted in large scale deforestation and habitat degradation, fragmenting the areas in which the red panda can live.  In turn this reduces natural food sources and breeding opportunities, threatening species survival.  Like many other species, Red Pandas are poached for their pelts and furs and for body parts which are believed to hold medicinal properties.  A rise in demand to keep as pets or attractions has resulted in capture by wildlife traffickers for the illegal pet trade.

Donate to the Red Panda Network

Working to Conserve the Red Panda Population

The work of Red Panda Network including radio broadcasts, awareness workshops, signage and poster distribution has reached more than 100,000 people living in the Red Panda Habitat Ranges with 5,000 Students in Eastern Nepal now celebrating International Red Panda Day each year, increasing the profile of the Red Panda.

  • £2.11 funds a Red Panda Forest Guardian for one day
  • £14.77 funds a Red Panda Forest Guardian for one week
  • £63.30 funds a Red Panda Forest Guardian for one month

£1,000 Annual Target


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Chapparri Ecological Reserve & Bear Sanctuary

Chaparri is the site of Peru’s first wildlife rescue centre designed specifically for Spectacled Bears. Andean Bears are classified vulnerable with only 2,500-10,000 estimated remaining in the wild. Seven bears that have been confiscated from illegal captivity are currently housed in large semi-wild enclosures that provide the bears a stimulating natural environment in which to live. Visitors may visit some of these enclosures with a local guide and watch bears in their natural habitat and learn more about these threatened animals. Chaparri also receives a selection of other rescued animals (Ocelot, Andean Condor, King Vulture, Military Macaw recently) which occur in the area and these may also be seen.

Donate to Chapparri Ecological Reserve

Working to Conserve the Andean Bear Population

Our initial target is for food for the bears.  Additional funds raised over the £1000 for Chaparri will be passed for veterinary suppliers and improvements.

  • £2.73 Feeds the Bears for one day
  • £17.11 Feeds the Bears for one week
  • £81.90 Feeds the Bears for one month

£2,500 Annual Target

Conservation 1

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Care for Wild Rhino Orphanage

Founded by Petronel Nieuwoudt in 2001, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary’s mission is “to rescue every rhino that is orphaned, to heal them and to provide a totally secure environment where they can grow, roam free, and breed to ensure that there will always be rhinos in Africa.” Based in Mpumalanga, rhinos are poached at extremely high rates (averaging 2 a day in 2018) and whilst reductions in the number killed per year have been seen, these have been alongside increases in poaching incidents in less protected areas.

Donate to Arthur’s Army

Working to Support Arthur the Brave in South Africa

Care for Wild’s 3 principles – Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release – support the survival of existing rhino populations by providing the highest level of protection, ensuring the safety and security of the rhinos under their care and the continuation of thriving populations in South Africa for future generations.

  • A £1 Donation buys 2 teats to help feed the hand-reared orphans
  • A £5 Donation provides an orphaned Rhino with Lucerne to eat for one month
  • A £14 Donation funds the fuel to heat the Rhino houses at night for one month

£16,700 Annual Target

Conservation 2

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We are thrilled to announce sponsorship of the Kordofan Giraffe Project in Cameroon with the Giraffe Conservation Fund, fighting back against the silent extinction of these beautiful animals. Whilst we are lucky to be home to 7 Kordofan Giraffes here at Safari Zoo – Eller, Gaya, Eloise, Bonamanzi and Katoumi our girls, Ekundayo and Kofi our Boys – as few as 1400 Kordofan Giraffes remain in the wild – the population in Cameroon is as low as 660.  In 2018 the Kordofan Giraffe was declared Critically Endangered meaning they face the very real and extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future unless the situation changes significantly. Giraffe conservation foundation are dedicated to doing just that, and we at Safari Zoo are thrilled to announce our support of the GCF Cameroon Giraffe Conservation Programme.

Donate to Kordofan Giraffe Project, Cameroon

Working to Support Kordofan in Cameroon

The GCF is initiating a new phase of collaborative partnership in Cameroon with a local Environmental Organisation based in Cameroon (NGO Sekakoh). The project will work with local existing conservation and community stakeholders across the Benoue Complex region in the North of Cameroon to improve co-operation between owners of protected land and prevent illegal hunting of the Giraffes.

£4,000 Annual Target

Giraffe's - Fighting The Silent Extinction

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The Green Earth Appeal

The Green Earth Appeal is part of a worldwide network including technicians, volunteers and community representatives/leaders working to empower communities in the developing world to become more sustainable. It is one of only 61 worldwide planting partners of the United Nations’ Billion Tree Campaign, and is a part of a network of charities and Non-Government Organisations that have supported communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia to become sustainable by planting 15 Billion trees. Safari Zoo are thrilled to announce that we are the first UK Zoo to have joined up with Carbon Free Dining, in support of the Green Earth Appeal, one of sixty-one worldwide Tree Planting Partners in the United Nations Environment’s Billion Tree Campaign.

Carbon Free Dining

Facilitating reforestation one meal at a time,

By dining with us at Safari Zoo, you contribute to Green Earth Appeal’s work the training, education and empowerment of rural communities, enabling them to grow renewable, sustainable forests to provide food, agriculture, firewood, construction, water collection & filtration and animal habitats. Degraded lands are restored with the planting of trees which are beneficial to the local area and will do well in poor soil conditions.

7,500 Annual Target

Conservation 7

Adopt an animal

Love the giraffes, scared of the emus?

Whether you’re Mad about Meerkats, Crazy for Capybara, Bats about Bears or a Sucker for Snow Leopards there is an animal adoption package to suit you at Safari Zoo.  Adopt your sweetheart for one year and receive a certificate, information sheet and thank you on our roll of honour. In addition, adopters are invited to a minimum of 4 dedicated adopters days throughout the year here at Safari Zoo.

Adoptions include a personalised colour certificate of your chosen animal,   A ticket to safari zoo to come and visit your animal at any time,  A copy of our Safari Club Calendar with details of the 4 exclusive events only available to adopters, Your name will appear on our Roll of Honour which is put up in the zoo and on our website the 1st Monday of every month, a Cuddly of your chosen animal, Thank you letter from your animal, Safari Zoo Chromium Keyring,  Safari Zoo Magnet,  Adult Safari Zoo animal colouring Book, Colouring Pencils, Admission tickets/calendar details of the 4 exclusive events only available to adopters all delivered in a reusable jute bag and are priced at £60

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