Sad News of Shikar’s Passing

Fighting Back Against the Silent Extinction & Kadi's Birthday 1

We start off on a somber note this week with the loss of beautiful 18 year old King of the Jungle, Shikar, on Monday 29th April. Shikar had been under veterinary observation due to his age for some time and had been seen moving freely around his enclosure and eating normally earlier in the day. Shikar passed peacefully in his sleep towards the end of the day. A firm favourite of staff and visitors alike, Shikar has been here since 2002 and it goes without saying that he will be sadly missed by all of us.

In the wild, African Lions like Shikar and his mate Chevelle are classified as vulnerable with 23,000-39,000 (recent figures suggest as few as 20,000) remaining in the wild and a decreasing population – African lion numbers have plummeted by over 40% in the last three generations.

Hopeful News for Cygnet

We go on to a mixture of sad yet hopeful news as we introduce this amazingly cute and fluffy Coscoroba Swan Cygnet. At approximately 2 weeks old, “fluff” was sadly rejected by “his” mum here at Safari Zoo and is being cared for by staff. “He” is doing very well, “he’s” strong, and getting regular exercise during “walks” where he follows his human friends through the World Wide Safari. He is eating chick crumb of his own accord and has put on a decent amount of chunk – increasing from 140 grams on Thursday to a whopping 209 grams on Monday! It’s obviously early days for “Fluff” (and we are still arguing over an actual name, nor do we know he is actually a “he”) but “he” is in the best hands.

Fighting Back Against the Silent Extinction & Kadi's Birthday 2

We’d also like to say a big thank you to our Homeschool group. 24 children from our Homeschool group with ages ranging 3 months to 13 years joined Gavin on Thursday 24th April to learn about Life Cycles. After spending a morning at leisure in the zoo, they joined Gavin in our Discovery Centre for an afternoon of fun – completing worksheets and colouring and meeting resident Boa Constrictors Crusher and Strike and getting close to the tortoises. The group also planted their very own tomato plants from seed to take home and watch them grow over the coming weeks.

Educational visits for schools are free at Safari Zoo, and we launched our Homeschool Days in 2018 to ensure learning is accessible for all children. Homeschool days run monthly, during term time. If you are an education provider or homeschool representative and would like to find out more please call our office on 01229 466086 or email