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Madagascar is the 4th largest island on the earth. Found to the East of Africa it is an isolated world which has developed very special animals for its own very special environments.

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Lemurs are prosimians – or primitive primates – found only on the African island of Madagascar.  Because of its geographic isolation, Madagascar is home to many amazing animals found nowhere else on Earth.


Free Roaming Lemurs

Hang out with Free Roaming Monkeys – come face to face with our Lemurs and interact with other free roaming animals in our walk through natural areas.

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The Wildlife Protection Foundation

wpf lowest res Join the team at South Lakes Safari Zoo working to save Lemurs in the wild. Our conservation charity The Wildlife Protection Foundation manages projects that rescue, rehabilitate and release lemurs back to the wild.  There are lots of ways you can help check out the website and keep supporting South Lakes Safari Zoo.

With wildlife conservation & community projects in Peru, Madagascar, Africa and Colombia. The Wildlife Protection Foundation is working to save endangered species and habitats all over the world. Madagascar is an economically poor country where people live off the land; it is no surprise their main focus is to survive rather than to preserve their environment. The WPF help by building fresh water wells for local African villages the WPF has a very active hands on experience.