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White-fronted Brown Lemur

Fact File

Class: Mammal
Order: Primate
Family: True Lemurs
Found: Madagascar
Average Height: 40cm
Average Weight: 2.2kg
Average Gestation: 120 days

Herbivore (plant eater)
Conservation Status:
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White-Fronted Brown Lemur

Eulemur fulvus albifrons

Range: Restricted to north-eastern Madgascar

Habitat: Found in the moist lowland and monane rainforest. Brown Lemurs are tree dwelling and spend most of their time in the upper layers of the forest.

Threats: Destruction of the rainforest in north-eastern Madagscar by slash-and-burn agriculture is the primary threat to the White-fronted Lemur. Hunting and trapping for food or the pet trade also pose a significant threat to this Lemur in many parts of its range.

Projects: ANTONGIL

Fun Facts:
Unlike for example Baboons where there is a male in charge in prosimian species, females play he dominant role. They get the best food choices in the wild, defend the group and choose with whom they mate.

How we are Protecting Wild Animals
There are over 100 species of lemur – almost all of these are in decline and are under threat of extinction.

 Since 2005, our Antongil Conservation project has worked in a bay in the north east of Madagascar. People there are poor and had to live off the land. For years they hunted lemurs for meat, and cut down forest to sell wood and use the land for farming.

Our teams monitor wildlife, plant trees and patrol the area for illegal logging and poachers. We also have a new reintroduction project for lemurs.

The project helps communities to make better use of the land, boosting crop production. We also provide farm animals as an alternative source of food.

Ecotourism has been introduced, as well as education and employment for local people. Our annual “lemur festival” attracts thousands of citizens, who celebrate the lemurs and the successes of the project!

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