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Straw Necked Ibis

Fact File

Class: Birds
Found: Australia
Location: Other
Size: 40-50 cm
Weight: Males weigh around 1.9kg females slightly less.

Diet: Carnivore (Meat Eater)
Gestation: 25 days


Conservation Status: LC

Straw Necked Ibis

Threskiornis spinicollis

The Straw-necked Ibis is found across mainland Australia and is also found in Indonesia.

Habitat: The Straw-necked Ibis prefers wetland areas so they can dig for live food in mud and silt.

Threats: Ibis play a vital role in the overall balance of the world’s environment.  They help humans all over the world to rid gardens and crops of insects and other small animals that are harmful to plants.