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Grey Crowned Crane

Fact File

Continent: Africa
Habitat: Grasslands and savannah
Weight and length: 3.5kg, 1m


Diet: Omnivore (eats plants and meat)
Incubation: 30 days


Conservation Status: EN

Grey Crowned Crane

Balearica regulorum

Animals — Aves (birds) — Gruiformes (crane-like birds) — Gruidae (cranes)

Grey crowned cranes are an African bird species that can live for up to 25 years. They have a “gular sac” which they use to make booming sounds.

They usually mate for life, dancing to each other for courtship. They usually breed in wet periods, nesting near water.

They are classified as Endangered due to the loss of wetland habitat and the increased use of pesticides that kill insects. Dogs sometimes kill them and they are persecuted by humans.

Habitat: Grasslands, and occasionally savannahs, that are near water.

Vital Statistics:
–Average weight: 3.5kg
–Average length: 1m

Life Expectancy:
In the wild up to: 22 years
In captivity up to: 25 years

Diet: They eat seeds, and hunt various small animals like insects, lizards, and worms.

Distribution: Many countries of southern and eastern Africa.