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Bell’s Hinge Back Tortoise

Fact File

Order:     Turtle, Tortoises & Terrapins
Family:   Tortoises
Sub-family: Testudininae
Genus:    Hinge back tortoises
Species: Kinixy’s belliana.
Size:        20cm (8 inches)

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Conservation Status: VU

Bell's Kiniks Hinge Back Tortoise

Kinixy’s Belliana

Found: Southern & Central Africa

Habitat: Prefers drier habitats like savannahs or grasslands.

Diet: Unlike most land tortoises, African hinge-back tortoises are omnivorous and are insectivores. In the wild their diets include snails, slugs, millipedes as well as fallen fruits, grasses and plants.

Threats: habitat loss, pet trade

Did you know: This tortoise like all “Kinixy’s” has a hinged shell that can close over his back legs for more protection!