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It’s about the animals –  you’ll discover over 1,000 of the rarest, most endangered animals in the world here at South Lakes. In unique natural environments which enable you to get as close as physically possible to  experience the sights, sounds — and a few smells! of these amazing creatures we share our planet with.
.. And the experience..A natural park with free roaming animals where you can wander amongst kangaroos, wallabies, emus; be  amazed as free flying macaws soar overhead; walk in, and interact, with free roaming lemurs, squirrel monkeys, cotton topped tamarins;  bravely  venture in where condors and vultures fly free; watch Big cats including tigers, lions, jaguars hunt for their lunch; hand feed giraffes, penguins, lemurs every day.
..Then it’s about conservationWith 2 international conservation charities, The Wildlife Protection Foundation and The Sumatran Tiger Trust , working to save species, communities and habitats  all over the world, from building water wells for villages in Africa, funding anti poaching patrols in Sumatra, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing bears, condors, vultures, penguins, primates back to the wild.. we are probably the best conservation park in the UK and Don’t just talk about Conservation we get out there and do it!

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