Sloths spend most of their life hanging upside-down from tree branches, whether sleeping, eating, mating, or giving birth. They descend to the ground only to change trees (food source) or to defecate (pooh) and because of their low metabolic rate they defecate only once each week! Food remains in their relatively short digestive tract for approximately one month. Sloths have been known to defend themselves with their claws and teeth, but they are usually quite docile, relying primarily on camouflage to protect them. Although normally brown, often the fur has a greenish tinge caused by microscopic plants that live on the hairs. The under fur is dense, often matted, while the outer fur is finer and sleek. The Two toed sloth is found through  Venezuela, Colombia, the Guiana’s, Brazil  and  into the upper Amazon Basin of Ecuador and Peru.

Photograph By Dave Pape (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons