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Amazon Shelter

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Red Howler Monkey (Alouatta seniculus)
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Amazon Shelter
For Animal and Environmental Protection
Since 2014 we have been supporting Amazon Shelter – a project working in the Tambopata Reserve region of South America, with the aim of protecting Red Howler Monkeys and other wildlife. The project was founded in 2005 and is run by local people and volunteers with a passion for animals.

The primary aims are the rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of wild animals, and promotion of conservation through education. Our donations to the project cover the costs of food for the animals under care ($200 per month), the building of release cages ($2000), and the costs of getting the animals back to the wild.

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Forest Protection

The 75,500 hectare area is forestry certified, meaning the area is protected from hunters and other avoidable ecological impacts. The entrances to the area are controlled. The forest is in a secluded area so even if the howler monkeys wander past the borders there is low risk of native communities being around to hunt or capture the animals.


Animal Care

In 2008 Amazon Shelter opened the headquarters of their main project – the CRCAS (Centre for Rehabilitation and Conservation of Wild Animals). There are currently over 20 red howler monkeys housed at the shelter in the Rio Piedras Forest, which are undergoing a rehabilitation and release scheme. The majority of these have been rescued from the pet trade, and others are babies who have been born in the shelter.

When the monkeys are first rescued and brought back to the rehabilitation centre they are often in very bad condition. When the animals are taken by poachers, and even after they have been sold to pet owners, they are rarely given the proper care they need. Many of the animals taken in here have previously been housed in small, unclean cages, tied up on rope leashes, and fed on incorrect diets. Without the work of the Amazon Shelter, most of these animals were likely to have died – they require much medical attention for their poor physical health, and a lot of care and attention to sooth the psychological stress they have suffered also. Other animals under the project’s care are; white-lipped peccary, red brocket deer, toucans, parrots, macaws, turtles, and other monkey such as tamarins.

Education & Ecotourism

The team here also develop and deliver lectures to publicise the problem of illegal trafficking and environmental issues in various institutions (schools, universities).

The project also promotes ecotourism through its onsite hostel, which is available for tourists and environmental volunteers, and five forest trails. Amazon Shelter welcomes guests and volunteers from all over the world who travel alone or with their family/friends – whether for a long or short period. The experience gained here can be very rewarding, particularly for students or professionals interested in conservation and animal care.

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