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Cumbria Zoo Company Limited

Cumbria Zoo Company Limited (CZCL) is a registered limited company, registered in England Number 10423947.

On 12th January 2017 Cumbria Zoo took over the operations of Safari Zoo,  on the 23rd January that operation was extended to include the whole of the site including gift shop, restaurants.

CUMBRIA ZOO COMPANY aims to provide a first-class zoo experience dedicated to inspire in people a respect for animals, the environment and the world in which we live through authentic experiences and sustainable practices.

CZCL is a Limited Liability Company based in Dalton in Furness owned by shareholders.

Cumbria Zoo Directors have a diverse range of individual experiences and qualities and experience of Safari Zoo and knowledge and experience of operational zoos all of which are committed to ensuring the continued success and development  of the zoo.


Meet the Team

Cumbria Zoo Company Limited


Cumbria Zoo Company Limited, operators of South Lakes Safari Zoo since January 2017, have a continuing commitment to animal welfare.


  • Strive to achieve high welfare standards for the animals in our care
  • Be animal welfare leaders and advocates
  • Provide environments that focus on the animal’s’ physical and behavioural needs


  • Treat all the animals in our zoo with respect
  • Make high animal welfare standards a major focus of our husbandry activities
  • Ensure that all husbandry decisions are underpinned by up-to-date animal welfare science and veterinary science
  • Build and share with colleagues animal care and welfare knowledge, skills and best practice advice
  • Comply with specific animal welfare standards as set out by regional zoo associations and the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria
  • Comply with national codes of practice, regulations and legislation as well as international treaties relating to animal care and welfare

This is our pledge and as we develop we want to ensure that our goals are achieved without compromise, achieving high standards of animal welfare combined with respect for the animals in our care.

Karen Brewer, CEO
February 2017

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Well it’s about the animals really –  over 1,000 of the rarest, most endangered animals in unique natural environments which enable the visitor to get as close as physically possible to  experience the sights, sounds, and a few smells, of these amazing creatures we share our planet with.

.. And the experience. A natural park with free roaming animals, where over 300,000 annual visitors wander amongst kangaroos, wallabies, emus; are amazed as free flying macaws soar overhead; walk in, and interact, with free roaming lemurs, squirrel monkeys, cotton topped tamarins;  bravely  venture in where condors and vultures fly free; watch Big cats including tigers, lions, jaguars hunt for their lunch; hand feed giraffes, penguins, camels every day.

The Trading Post

The Trading Post isn’t just a gift shop…. it is an amazing gathering of hand made artistic and household furnishings and goods brought directly to you from around the globe. We stock woven hand bags, hats, gloves and tableware as well as many other highly coloured naturally died cloths from the Andes of Peru mainly woven from Alpaca Wool of the highest quality and yet so reasonably priced. Hand created and painted kites , each one individually made for striking colour and uniqueness.

So many things in fact the list is too long to try and convey. So why don’t you join the many people who are discovering the NEW Trading Post outlet. A Huge Adventure Playground, Coffee Shop and Pizza outlet.  For birthday gifts with a special handcrafted and unique flavour come to the TRADING POST.