We are bee-side our selves with excitement at the attention our endangered buzzy friends are getting today in honour of Don’t Step on a Bee Day.

We at Safari Zoo are surrounded by amazingly breathtaking exotic animals, most of whom are ambassadors for their species.  It’s sometimes easy to overlook the smaller guys who we are more used to seeing day to day.

So, we have decided to pay homage to our native species, starting with bees and bugs!  On your next visit drop by the grassland next to the Illescas Aviary, which sees the beginnings of an area dedicated to British wildlife.  

We flexed our competitive streaks and design muscles recently as between departments we vied to build the best bug hotels fit for Furness’ creepy crawlies (and had a bit of fun with the names)!  See how you think we did and let us know in the comments 🙂 

A home fit for furness’ finest....bugs! 2A home fit for furness’ finest....bugs! 3A home fit for furness’ finest....bugs! 4