Introducing Bouncing Capy-Babbas…..(See what we did there)…..

Capybara, the worlds largest rodent species and sometimes described by our visitors as “Giant Guinea Pigs”, are found in the grasslands and Tropical Rainforests of South America, and you can meet them here at Safari Zoo in our World Wide Safari area.  You will no doubt encounter resident Capybara Chesney strutting his stuff throughout the park during your visit.

Although not classified as Endangered, this fabulous species is threatened by habitat loss, and being hunted for its meat and skin.

These two babbas will grow up to 1.5m in length and like all capybara babies will always keep mum on her webbed toes!  Capybara love water and the location of their eyes and nostrils situated on the top of their heads help them keep submerged up to 5 minutes.

Keep an eye out for new arrivals “Sam & Dean” (for all you Supernatural fans out there!) roaming free in the World Wide Safari area during your visit.

Capybara Family with Babies